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Play Live Blackjack at Home

Live Blackjack in the Betfair Casino brings you closer than ever before to the classic thrill of this card game. Play blackjack live with a friendly human dealer who hands out the cards right in front of you.

We use the latest and best technology so that you can play at home at any time. Our quality options for playing blackjack live online will grab your attention and add some extra fun to your day. You might also want to play on your mobile device for complete freedom while aiming to beat the dealer to 21 on the best live blackjack online!

Time to Try Live Blackjack?

Why not join one of our dealers for some exhilarating games just now?

Why Live Blackjack is Better

Play a blackjack live dealer game and discover the benefits of this quick and easy way of getting an immersive gaming experience. You don’t need to get dressed up to the nines to enjoy a memorable night out at a luxury casino anymore. Sign in to our casino and get ready for some action at the card table.

You will enjoy a great casino atmosphere when you join us on any device. Real blackjack tables and professional dealers mean that our Live Blackjack online is recommended for anyone who craves an easy way to try and beat our blackjack online live dealer.

Just choose your game from our list of different variants and place your wager. It is just like being at a blackjack table for real, but a lot easier and more convenient to play. When you play live blackjack, the rules are the same as those you probably know, so it is the presentation that makes our games so special.

Rules and Strategies for Enjoying Live Blackjack

Simple rules and fast gameplay make it easy to play blackjack live with us. You just need to open a Betfair account, choose a game, and then to get started by putting your chips on the table.

Remember that the goal of this card game is to beat the dealer rather than simply reaching 21. However, if you get 21 on your first couple of cards then so much the better! Remember that face cards count as 10 while an ace will be either 1 or 11, depending upon which of these numbers suit you best.

Even newcomers to blackjack will have no problems in getting to grips with the simple rules on these games. After you place your stake, two cards are dealt with you and you need to decide whether to Hit or Stand. Go over 21 and you are bust, meaning that you lose regardless of what the dealer has. Less than 21 but more than the dealer gives you a win.

If you feel confident then you might want to “Double”, if offered, to get one more card given to you on double your original stake. If the first two cards are identical, you may be offered the chance to “Split” them out as two hands, each with the original stake in play.

Win with a blackjack hand of 21 on the first two cards for an improved payout. This is the best hand and the simplest type of win where you don’t even need to make any decisions.

You can also take out insurance to get a payout if the dealer gets blackjack. This is offered if the first card that the dealer gives to their own hand is an ace.

Side bets add some extra spice, as you can win more on the likes of Pair, 21+3, and other interesting wagers. These bets are placed in addition to the main game and offer higher potential wins.

Arrive late to the table and find that it is already full of other players who got there first? Choose bet behind to wager on the hands of the players who are seated in front of you.

How to Win and What Payout to Expect with Live Blackjack?

Win by getting a higher total than the dealer, but without going over 21. It’s as simple as that!

Expect a 1:1 payout for a straight win where you beat the dealer but don’t have 21 from the initial cards. If you get a magical 21 on your first two cards this rises to a return of three to two. Insurance typically pays out at 2:1.

Blackjack usually has one of the very best return to player (RTP) figures among casino games, often getting very close to 100%. This means that you should expect to win fairly regularly if you follow a solid basic blackjack strategy and Hit or Stand at the right times.

All side bets each have their RTP listed, which are usually a little lower than the main game. The payout for these side bets will also be listed on the game and they are tempting, as they can be far higher than the main game’s returns.

Play Live Blackjack for Real Money

Everyone can find their ideal Live Blackjack game in a few clicks at Betfair. Play for fun or real money on one of our many themed Live Blackjack tables at any time of day or night. Take a look at some of the following games that offer varied ways of playing, to find your own favourite.

Safe Games and Responsible Gambling Information

We are proud to provide a safe and enjoyable Live Blackjack experience for everyone who joins one of our tables. You can trust our games to give you lots of excitement and fair results every time that the dealer gives you some cards.

We only permit players of 18 years and above to play in our casino. We also promote responsible gambling and encourage all of our players to only ever wager an amount that they can afford to play with.

Give Live Dealer Blackjack a Try

Choose the game that catches your eye and see why this way of playing is now so popular.

Live Blackjack FAQs

What is live blackjack?

A human dealer is streamed directly onto your screen, allowing you to take part in a blackjack game in a live casino setting without leaving home.

Is online live blackjack rigged?

No, this is a fair way of playing where your success depends upon luck and the strategy that you use.

How to win online live blackjack?

These games follow standard blackjack rules, meaning that you win if you get a higher total than the dealer but don’t have over 21.

How to play live blackjack at home for real money?

Just open a Betfair account and choose the game that you want to join. You can play for fun or use real money as your stake.

How does Live Blackjack betting work?

Choose the size of the chip you want to use and drag it to the table’s betting area. If you want to place a side bet then use the same technique to place the wager amount in the designated zone.

Is card counting illegal?

This method isn’t strictly illegal but it is discouraged. Most live dealer blackjack games use eight decks of cards, so counting cards isn’t going to help you anyway.

What is the role of the live dealer in blackjack online?

As in any casino, the dealer gives out the cards to players, as well as to their own hand. The dealer follows pre-set rules that determine when to Hit and when to Stand.

What is the difference between Blackjack and Live Blackjack?

The difference is in the presentation and convenience. This is a standard blackjack game with conventional rules, but you play it on a computer screen at home or on a mobile device.