99.55% RTP

Cashback Blackjack

Ever wanted to call time on a hand of blackjack before the final result is revealed? Well, if you're someone with impeccable timing and a keen eye for a deal, Cashback Blackjack here at Betfair Casino is the game for you. Designed by Playtech and featuring a unique twist on the classic game, this blackjack variant is one that seasoned players will love.




  • End a hand early and receive a prize
  • Win up to 100:1 on your money with bonus bets
  • Software Provider: Playtech




Like all forms of blackjack, this quirky game requires a bet before the cards are dealt. Inside our gaming hub, a bet between £1 and £500 will get things moving. Of course, if you're in the market for some extracurricular activity, the bonus bets (see below) allow you to wager as much as £5,000 per round.

Once you've ante up and the cards are down, wins are banked in the same way they would be for any game of blackjack: the hand nearest to 21 (without going over) wins. Naturally, from this, standard wins unlock an even money, while blackjack (an ace and 10 on your first two cards) wins a 3:2 return. As cool as all this is, the real reasons you'll want to play Cashback Blackjack are:




Place a 21+3 bet and you could win as much as 100:1 on your stake if the first three cards dealt make a ranked hand i.e. flush, straight, three of a kind etc. Similarly, if you make "pair bet" and the hand you've speculated on receives a pair with its first two cards, you can win up to 25:1 on your investment.




On top of its bonus bets, Cashback Blackjack gives you the chance to stop a hand early and, more importantly, receive some money for doing it. Basically, once you've received your first two cards, you can hit the cashback button at any time and receive an offer. Much like Deal or No Deal, you can choose to accept the cash offer and end the round or play on in a bid to win more.

Between the bonus bets and the money-back option, Cashback Blackjack is one of the most entertaining casino games we offer and, moreover, a game where your skills can shine.




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