92.86% - 96.19% RTP

100/1 Roulette



The timeless game of roulette gets a makeover with a novel twist added to it in the 100/1 Roulette game by Inspired Gaming. They’ve taken the traditional roulette wheel and filled it with 100 numbers, while boosting the top prize to a 100 to 1 payout if you correctly predict a single number.

It’s a simple yet enjoyable version of roulette that could suit someone who wants a chance to try and get a bigger win than is normally offered on this kind of game. Take a seat and see if you can predict where the ball will land!    




The first thing you will notice is a larger than normal roulette wheel. As well as the numbers from 1 to 100, there are also five special green spaces featuring shapes rather than numbers. This compares to the usual sequence of 1 to 36 with either one or two green zero pockets.

Bet on a single number or choose the likes of odd or even, black or red. You could also place your wager on a row of numbers that all end in the same digit, such as 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81 and 91. This option has a 9 to 1 payout if it comes up.




  • The roulette wheel is divided into 100 numbers, split between red and black.
  • The green symbols feature a circle, triangle, diamond, star and square.
  • A large grid makes up the betting area where you choose what to bet on.
  • The last number to come up is shown at the top of the screen.
  • Your current stake size can be seen at the bottom.




There is nothing complex about starting to play this roulette game, even if the huge wheel might seem daunting at first. It works the same as any other version of the game, as you need to choose the size of your stake and then place it on the number or series of numbers you think the ball will land on.

While there are 100 single numbers to choose from, the number of different types of bet including more than one number is shorter than on some other variants. Once your stake has been placed where you want it to be, just press the spin button and the ball will start to move around inside the spinning wheel before coming to rest on a number.




This is just one of the many different ways of playing roulette that we offer at Betfair Casino. A more traditional approach can be tried on our Classic European Roulette title, while Mini Roulette takes the opposite approach from 100/1 Roulette and reduces the size of the wheel for a different sort of playing experience.




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