98.94% RTP

Live Baccarat



Live Baccarat is a suave and refined game, played by the likes of James Bond, now brought to you by the award-winning Playtech Studios. Baccarat online is widely known as one of the casino table games with the lowest house edge. Meaning you have plenty of opportunities to beat the dealer and turn a profit as the Baccarat game RTP (return to player) is relatively high.

Our live Baccarat casino game suits newcomers and aficionados alike because you can choose how much to bet in every game. Sit down for a session with us, and we’ll ensure a good time is had.




Before you play live Baccarat online live, you need to know how to play your cards right, so to speak. The objective of Baccarat Live is to have a total hand value that comes as close to nine as possible. There are three initial bets to choose from, and that can very well be your only decision. You need to predict whether you or the dealer (banker) will come closer to nine - or whether you will tie by getting the same final value.

The rest of the game is controlled by the dealer so you can easily follow and interact with your dealer as well as other players. However, note you will only be playing against the banker, and not the other players.

The first prediction bet is made before cards are dealt, then each player and the dealer all get two face-down cards. The next action depends on the hand totals. If the player has a value of 0-5, they must take another card. With 6 or 7, they stand, and with 8 or 9, the game is over. The dealer may also need to take a third card.  

When you bet on the Player hand, and it wins, the payout is 1:1. When you bet on the Banker hand, and it wins, you'll be paid out at 0.95:1. If Player and Banker hands tie with the same value, and you have bet on that, your payout is a higher 8:1.

There are six side bets that can be placed alongside your Player, Banker or Tie bet - Player Pair, Banker Pair, Perfect Pair, Either Pair, Big and Small. The Perfect Pair side bet has the biggest potential payout of 25:1, triggered if the first two Player or Banker cards form a pair of the same suit.




For the purposes of this game, Aces are valued at one, cards two through to nine have their face value and tens and face cards count as zero. If your hand totals ten points or higher, subtract ten from the score to get the final Baccarat point value of your hand. For example, if your total is sixteen, then your final total is actually 6. If your total is twenty, then your final total is unfortunately zero. As there are lots of baccarat variations to play, it may be useful to read our dedicated article on how to play baccarat.




There’s no guaranteed way to win and make profits from the game as there is always an element of chance. What you can do is alternate bets between player and banker, and bet on tie a lot. You won’t win often, but it does have a higher payout. So that if you do win at some point, you’ll earn a larger amount. 




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These live Baccarat online tables are managed by professionally trained dealers that can help beginners get to grips with beginner Baccarat strategy, whilst keeping the action flowing for seasoned players. You will find that all the dealers are English-speaking so you’ll have no trouble following the action. It’s all in HD with an immersive environment, bringing the casino to you, wherever you are.

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