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Slingo slots spruce up the excitement of video slots with an element of online bingo. In these unique games, random number generators automatically mark off your bingo card as symbols land on the slot. Unlike the most common online video slots, the Slingo slot machine is made up of five reels and one row. Instead of the centre of your screen, this slot is located at the bottom, with the bingo card taking the centre position.

Another significant difference between Slingo games and your typical video slots is that there is a certain element of skill involved. In fact, wild symbols provide an opportunity for players to pick the numbers which are then marked off. The right Slingo strategy has the potential of changing the outcome of each game.

You can play Slingo online at Betfair, experiencing multiple variations of this exclusive genre.

The exciting line-up offered by the casino includes Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Berserk, and Slingo XXXtreme.


Slingo games feature a 5x5 bingo card with a slot reel below it. Spinning the five reels will gradually reveal the numbers on the card. When you play Slingo online you will have an opportunity to receive a payout from any of the 12 win lines, better known as Slingos. These lines can be placed horizontally or vertically, as well as diagonally.

Each completed line pays out different prizes. These can be viewed on the paytable, which is normally located on the left of your bingo card. The highest-value payout is known as the Full House and is won when all the numbers have been matched.

When you first play Slingo you will receive 11 spins for your stake. As you will quickly realise, most spins result in automatic numbers being marked off. This will make it easier for you to move towards completing your first Slingo line. Depending on which Slingo slot you have chosen to play, one line may be enough to receive a payout. Different games will feature a different number of minimum completed Slingos for a prize to be awarded.


To start playing Slingo slots, all you need to do is:

  • Pick a Slingo title from the ones available at Betfair.
  • Adjust your total stake for the game using the “+” and “-” buttons. The value of your stake will impact the value of the payouts.
  • Click on “Start Game” and watch as the reels start spinning and the numbers fall into place.
  • Continue clicking on “Spin” until you have maxed out all available spins.

During the game, you can come across special symbols, such as wilds or super wilds. These will give you an opportunity to select which number to mark off, increasing the likelihood of completing one or more lines. We explain how to use these wilds symbols well in the Slingo strategy paragraph below.

When you have exhausted your available spins you will have the opportunity to buy a further six or less. It is important to note that the cost of each spin is higher than the one before it. You should, therefore, check the maximum potential win before proceeding with the additional buy-ins.

Once a game has finished, you will receive any prizes into your Betfair account. The Return to Player (RTP) of Slingo slots hovers around 95%.


You can use skill and strategy during Slingo games whenever a wild symbol lands on the reels. When choosing which number to mark off you should always seek one which could help you complete as many Slingos as possible.

 Here are some more useful tips:

  • Only consider extra buy-ins, when you are close to completing the number of Slingos necessary to get a valuable payout. Each additional spin comes at a higher cost than the previous one, so you should only proceed if it makes sense to do so.
  • Use Wilds strategically, focusing on the bigger picture rather than just on completing a single win line. A simple example is marking off the square in the middle of the card to contribute towards completing one horizontal, one vertical, and two diagonal lines simultaneously.


An addition surprise twist found in Slingo slots is special symbols that may show up during the game. Jokers, for example, behave as wild symbols and let you choose which number to mark off from the column above them. You can also get Super Jokers which let you mark off a number anywhere. This symbol can also randomly reward you with instant cash prizes and additional spins. Using the right Slingo strategy when these symbols appear can have a significant impact on the number of complete Slingos.

As you play Slingo online you may also come across the rare Devils. These symbols replace numbers, thus slowing your progress.

Certain Slingo games also include scatter symbols which can trigger bonus games or better multipliers. Just like with traditional video slots, you would normally need to land three scatter symbols to trigger a bonus.



There are currently different types of Slingo games available: each variation is played in a similar way but features small differences. These could involve the minimum lines for a payout or could feature additional special symbols, such as scatters.


Slingo Rainbow Riches is the most popular title of this genre and is available to play at Betfair. It offers a great mix of exciting gameplay, immersive entertainment, and higher payouts.


In addition to being easy and fun to play, Slingo slots are very popular as they last longer than normal video slots whilst still offering a similar RTP. Moreover, through the use of special wilds, these games introduce an element of player skill into an otherwise completely luck-based experience.