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Deal or No Deal: What's in Your Box ScratchcardDEAL OR NO DEAL © 2003 Endemol Shine Group B.V. /Endemol UK Ltd.
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Footy Frenzy Scratch
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Scratch 4 Emeralds - £/€ 5
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Scratch 4 Gold - £/€ 1
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Scratch 4 Rubies - £/€ 2
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Scratch 4 Diamonds - £/€ 10
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Ruby Walsh Scratch

Play Online Scratch Cards at Betfair Casino

Welcome to Betfair Casino – the world’s most exciting place to play Scratch Cards online. There’s no need to pop out to the shops and buy paper-based Instant game Scratch Cards. In just a few clicks, you can play a Scratch game at Betfair Casino on any device. With immersive audio and visuals with every symbol reveal, strategy-free Scratch Card fun offers you the perfect break from the casino tables and the chance of landing one of many tremendous Instant cash prizes.

Forget paper Scratch Cards, try the next-generation version online!

Looking for an Instant game Scratch Card? Plenty of online Scratch Cards are waiting for you right here at Betfair Casino. Become a member today and see for yourself.

How do online Scratch Cards work? Why are they so popular?

The mechanics of online Scratch Cards are very similar to regular paper Scratch Cards – the online games are so much more accessible though!

With every Scratch Card you choose at Betfair Casino, there will be a distinct theme with each game. Whether it’s light-hearted Irish folklore or TV game show-inspired action, we’ve got our fingers firmly on the pulse of popular culture.

When playing online Scratch Cards, you must reveal matching symbols to win the adjacent prizes displayed. You can choose to click and reveal one symbol at a time, or you can click once to reveal all symbols.

What are the chances of a Scratch Card win?

Wondering what are the best Scratch Cards to win on UK-wide? Every game has its own Scratch Card odds attached. This will be displayed as a Return to Player (RTP) percentage. For example, the 250k Scratch Instant Win game comes with an RTP of 91.56%. This percentage is calculated as an average over long-term sessions of play. It means that, on average, for every £1 spent, a player would receive 91.56p.

Some online Scratch games will offer variable payouts depending on how much you bet, with win multipliers potentially enhancing your initial stake if you land a big Scratchcard win! Others offer fixed payouts irrespective of how much you wager.

The most popular Scratch games to play at Betfair Casino

Choosing to play Scratch Cards online is a much more immersive experience than playing paper-based Instant Win games. Our Deal or No Deal Instant Win title is one of the most popular Scratch games to play at Betfair Casino, transporting you into the TV set of the iconic Deal or No Deal show thanks to our exclusively licensed Scratch Card game.

Our “Scratch 4” Scratch Card series offers Instant gaming on tap, with simplistic gameplay requiring you to find the world “Scratch” and either “Gold”, “Emerald”, “Diamond” or “Ruby” to win and start jumping for jackpot joy!

Is it safe to play Scratch Cards online?

It’s exceptionally safe to play any of the Scratch Cards at Betfair Casino. Our games are periodically tested and verified by independent third-parties to give you peace of mind. We also take the welfare of our customers seriously, implementing responsible gambling measures that protect players in the form of deposit limits, time-outs and self-exclusion breaks.

Are you a Betfair Casino member yet? Sign up today and play Scratch Cards online!

With Instant Wins potentially lurking around your next Scratch Card symbol reveal, there’s no time like the present to sign up and become a part of the online Scratch Card fun at Betfair Casino.


How do Scratch Cards work?

An online Scratch Card operates in the same way as a classic paper-based Scratch Card. You can click to reveal and match symbols at your own pace, with multiple games available per Card.

How do you play Scratch Cards?

Create a Betfair Casino account, Log In, find an online Scratch Card you like the look of and set the size of stake you wish to spend. Start Scratching off individual symbols using your mouse or reveal all with just a single click to find out if you are a winner.

How do I win playing Scratch Cards?

The easiest way to win playing an online Scratch Card is to match symbols in the same ‘game’ or ‘line’ to win the cash prize displayed.

What are the chances of winning at Scratch Cards?

The chances of winning will often depend on how lucrative the jackpot is in your chosen Scratch game. For example, our 250K Scratch has one winner in every 2.87 Cards, compared with one winner in every 4.21 Cards in our 10K Scratch.

Which Scratch Cards have the best odds?

With a winning ticket in every 2.87 Cards, our 250K Scratch offers the best odds of landing a winner, with five thrilling mini-games to try too!