Top Trumps World Football Stars

Top Trumps World Football Stars

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Fan’s chants, the referee’s whistle your coach’s shouts and your own panting - these are the sounds you can hear as hustle across the pitch. The entire game has been a close match and you do not think you have ever seen two teams that were so evenly matched. Every time one player gets a breakaway with the ball an opponent is at the ready to stop him from reaching the goal. An opponent intercepts every single lofted pass.

The score is all tied up, 0-0, and your team members are counting on you, their star striker with the powerhouse kick. All you need is the perfect set up and some help distracting the opposing team’s players and you know you can send the ball flying into the goal. You see your chance when your team’s goalkeeper stops a shot and punts the ball far down the field. Your teammate traps the ball, dribbles toward the goal, and sends a quick pass towards you where you stand at the top of the box. Without time to think you send the ball straight at the goal and right through the goalkeeper’s hands. GOOOAAAALLL!!!!

Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot Info:

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 15
  • Game Features: Free Spins, Choose Your Teams, Lines Pay Both Ways, Pass the Ball Bonus
  • Scatter Symbol: Football being shot at goal
  • Wild Symbol: Wild (written word)
  • Bonus Symbol: Football

How to Play Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot

When you take to the virtual pitch (i.e. the betting area), Top Trumps Football Stars has a main betting bar where you can alter the price of a card. Betting limits range from £0.01 to £750 and if you're bankrolled enough to play at the highest stakes and roll in five Wild Stars you'll be able to bank a jackpot worth £500,000.

Beyond the betting bar is two play buttons: play and auto play. As you'd expect, the "play" locks in your stake and starts the game. At this point you can either hit the "scratch all button" and watch as all the panels are removed and your fate is revealed.

About Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot Payouts

Payouts are displayed on the Paytable screen. Calculate possible win amounts by multiplying the line bet by the payout. When two winning combinations result on the same line, the higher of the two is paid. If a winning combination results on more than one active payline, the winnings are combined.

Winning combinations are required to begin from the leftmost reel and the symbols must be in one single row. The Wild symbol may be substituted for any other symbol (with the exception of the Scatter symbol), in order to create the most winning combination possible. A separate payout exists for several Wild symbols on an active payline.

Choose Your Teams Feature

One of the best features of Top Trumps World Football Stars is the ability to choose the images that will appear on the reels, which can be done upon beginning the game and may be changed at any time during the game when the reels are not spinning or when the game is not being played in Auto Start mode. This selection will have no effect on the total of winning combinations.

When the game begins, the player chooses two teams, which can be any of the following: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, or Spain. Of the two teams chosen, three players from each team will show up on the reels the game for the first time, you must choose two teams before being able to see the reels.

Lines Pay Both Ways

When symbols for the first team appear on an active payline from left to right, a winning combination has been made. When symbols from the second team appear from right to left on an active payline, a winning combination has also been made.

Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot Pass the Ball Bonus

When the Ball symbol is shown on reel 2 with a left-side team member on its left on reel 1, the ball is “passed” among that players other team members that appear elsewhere on the reels. The same rule applies when the ball appears on reel 4 and a right-side team member is present on its immediate right on reel 5.

In both instances, for every player that gets to touch the ball, 3X the total bet is awarded to the player.

To play against football's world legends and win as much as £500,000, take a spin on Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot today.

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