Sweet Party

Sweet Party

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£516,163.25 Total Jackpot

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When it comes to tasty slot treats, Sweet Party is one of the finest in the iGaming industry. Aside from possessing a progressive jackpot, this online slot is one of the most attractive additions to the market in recent times.

In fact, unlike other virtual slots, Sweet Party takes the style/substance concept to a new level. By thinking outside of the box, Playtech's designers have created something truly unique and that makes it a must try game for all serious spinners.

So, how have the designers taken things to a new level? In short, the action all takes place inside a vending machine. By taking the theme and running with it, Playtech has created a completely immersive experience and one that's able to hold the attention of players of all persuasions.  

  • Reels = 5
  • Minimum Bet = £1
  • Max Payout = Progressive
  • Payout Ratio = 93.97%

The objective of Sweet Party is to obtain matching combinations of 5 or more vertically and/or horizontally adjacent symbols of the same kind to win a multiplier for your bet.

To play the game:

  • The bet per a game round is chosen by clicking the Bet arrow buttons to increase or decrease the amount.
  • You can also play using the Auto Play function. Use the Auto Play arrow buttons to select the number of rounds to be played consecutively. The Play button changes into Stop during the Auto Play mode. The Auto Play mode terminates when the number of game rounds determined by the player has ended, or when you click Stop.
  • To start the game round, click on Play.
  • The Win field displays the cash prize awarded in case of a winning combination. Wins are calculated according to the paytable. The paytable can be accessed via the Info page.

The Jackpot field displays the currently accumulated Jackpot sum according to the player’s bet.

In addition to putting the action inside a vending machine, Sweet Party has done away with traditional lines and reels to create a free-flowing structure. To start a game you need to load the vending machine with credits ranging from £1 to £10 per spin. Once you've ante 'd up the five reels will spin and once you've matched five or more symbols (horizontally or vertically) you'll get a cash prize.

Beyond the standard prizes, Sweet Party also contains a progressive jackpot that needs to be unlocked through a combination of symbols and stakes. If you want to win the biggest prize Sweet Party has to offer, you need to match eight or more red and white sweets. However, as with most progressive online slots, the amount you stake will determine what percentage of the top prize you can win.

£1 Stake = 10%

£2 Stake = 20%

£5 Stake = 50%

£10 Stake = 100%

Making Things Even Sweeter

In terms of free spins and bonuses, the guys behind Sweet Party have decided to keep things simple. Because of the game's unique structure, the five betting limits and ladder of prizes (£0.50 to £5,000+) is enough to keep most people entertained. In fact, if you're a novice player then this game makes an accessible, yet engaging transitional slots option.

One reason Sweet Party might be beyond the scope of some online spinners is the £1 minimum stake. However, if your bankroll is robust enough to handle this then Sweet Party is a fantastic option for anyone that wants to break free of the traditional slot format and try something truly unique.

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