Jungle Boogie

Jungle Boogie

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Deep within a lush jungle there's a world of cash and wonders just waiting to be discovered! Somewhere in the thick vegetation, buried by vegetation over the centuries, valuable jewels and golden coins are guarded by ferocious jungle animals. Equipped with a map and some weapons, you set out to uncover a treasure so rich that it sounds too good to be true!

You scour every plant, tree, and rock in your path as you search for a sign – any symbol – that might get you closer to your coveted reward. Sweat beads up on your brow as you trudge deeper into the humid forest. You determination has overpowered you and you won’t stop until you have reached your treasure! Suddenly you spot something – the shimmer and sparkle of a beautiful golden coin. You leap forward and grab it in your hand!

In your excitement you seem to have forgotten the threat of the savage animals keeping guard. You have to make a choice: run towards the treasure and fight the vicious guards or flee! You have come so far and you are hungry for the gold, so you stand and spin the reels against Betfair Casino's best. 

Jungle Boogie Slot Details:

  • Reels: 3 Reels
  • Paylines: 3 Lines
  • Most Valuable Symbol: Tiger

How to Play Jungle Boogie Slots

To fight the guards and come out of the jungle with an armful of riches you'll need to set your stakes accordingly. Inside this Betfair Casino slot you'll be able to ante-up from as little as £0.01 using the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons toward the lower left corner of the screen.

As you scroll through the denominations (to a max coin size of £20), your selected bet amount will be displayed next to the reels on the left of the screen.

In addition to adjusting your coin bet, you can adjust the number of coins you're risking per line in two ways: Clicking the Max Bet button will select the maximum bet per line before automatically spinning the reels.

And Clicking on the Bet One button to bet one coin manually.

In total you can stake three coins per spin which means you'll be able to risk as little as £0.01 and as much as £60 when you play Jungle Boogie.

After setting your best you can hit the spin button and the reels will turn at a rapid rate before coming to a stop.

Every possible payout in this game displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and the winning combinations include: Tigers, parrots, monkeys, and jaguars are among the symbols in play.

Inside Jungle Boogie, the Tiger is the most valuable symbol and is worth a whopping 4,000 coins when you wager the maximum number of coins per spin.

Although this online slot doesn't have any wilds or scatters, the simple set-up makes it a great game for those looking for some swift action. Jungle Boogie's top prize is extremely lucrative and the max stake is well within the range of most players, so you shouldn't be afraid to step into the jungle and take on Betfair Casino's finest.

Join Betfair Casino today and profit from Jungle Boogie slots from as little as £0.01.

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