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Before you see him, you'll smell him as his cologne enters the room before he does. Then you see him there standing across the room with an unbuttoned shirt revealing a tanned chest and a modest amount of curly chest hair. The hair on his head is slicked back elegantly revealing his beautiful face.

He has barely entered the room when a brave woman has asked him for a dance. A pang of jealousy creeps into your heart as you watch him swaying his hips with such passion and grace you cannot help but be entranced. The song ends and the blushing woman returns to her drink, dazed, confused, and completely smitten.

“Who is that?” you murmur to your friend.

“Him? That’s Dr. Lovemore” she smiles wide.

Suddenly, Dr. Lovemore turns and looks right at you, pausing for a moment before approaching and holding out his hand. It’s your lucky night!

Dr. Lovemore Game Slot Info:

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20
  • Game Features: Free spins
  • Scatter Symbol: Peephole with Dr. Lovemore’s Face
  • Game Developer: NextGen Gaming

How to Play Dr Lovemore Slots

Featuring a tanned lothario with a love for the ladies, Betfair Casino's Dr Lovemore slot game offer five reels and twenty paylines all adorned by a rather racy selection of symbols. At the upper end of the spectrum the bottles of perform and champagne are all pretty standard symbols of love and offer payouts in the region of 500 coins.

However, when you look more closely at the reels you notice that Dr Lovemore also boasts are array of flavoured condoms. Fruity condoms make up the five lower value symbols and they're represented by cherries, an orange, a banana, a lime and a strawberry. It's not every day you see an online slots game with this sort of imagery, but since we're all adults there shouldn't be much of a problem.

In terms of Dr Lovemore's betting credentials, the stakes range from £0.20 per spin up to a healthy £100 and all the action is controlled by the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

Indeed, by toggling the coin size, number of paylines and bet per line you can adjust the stakes so that a line bet costs £2.50 and you total spin a healthy £50. For that you'll not only get access to the best prizes on the payout ladder, but the chance to win the top 10,000X jackpot worth £25,000 when you roll in five wild card symbols.

Beyond the basic wins, Dr Lovemore also opens up his welcoming arms and fills you with prizes though a series of bonuses, free spins and scatters:

Scatter symbol

When three or more of the Scatter symbols (Dr Lovemore's peephole) appear on the reels at the same time, you'll win some  Free Spins! Payouts for Scatter symbols are multiplied by the player’s total bet and can amount to as much as 250 for five symbols on an active win line

Bonus symbol

When the bonus symbol (Dr Lovemore's pink pants) occurs on both the first and last reels, the player will receive 20 free spins!!

Dollar Ball

Dollar Ball is a lotto-type progressive game and one of the best features of Dr. Lovemore. The game begins by simply choosing 5 numbers out of 49. The computer will then draw five numbers at random – the more numbers that match the ones the player selected the more winnings the player gets! Furthermore, if all five numbers match, the player wins the big on… the jackpot!

First, the player’s numbers will be displayed as a row of squares at the top. When the game is started, the numbers drawn by the computer will appear below them inside circles. When a match occurs between the player’s and the computer’s chosen numbers, the respective squares change colours and the player’s win amount is revealed!

The amount is then added to the player’s balance in addition to other winnings accrued during the main game round. Even if the player does not win the main game, they can still win Dollar Ball! Dollar Ball is played alongside all of the main game rounds and uses the same numbers during each round, unless the player changes the numbers or decides to turn off Dollar Ball. The paytable for this side game is located in the main game paytable.

If you're looking for a little bit of loving and a way to win as much as £25,000, the join Dr Lovemore on Betfair Casino and spin yourself into a frenzy.

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