Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter

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Your eye catches a slight movement behind the oddly shaped boulder. A shadow flutters briefly on the other side before things become completely still. The black sky overhead envelops everything in a solid, impenetrable darkness except for the few metres illuminated by the light of your spaceship.

A husky breath-like noise suddenly crashes through the silence making every one of your hairs stand up. At first the noise comes from behind you, then it comes from in front, then to your left, and then to your right! You slowly grab your laser gun and prepare to take aim, but because of the darting nature of the creature, aiming is extremely difficult. Soon the wily being has gotten close enough that its shadow has appeared before you. You hold your breath and your heart stops, as the shadow grows larger and larger. 

Alien Hunter Slot Game Info:

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 25
  • Game Features: Dollar Ball, Progressive Jackpot, Bonus rounds
  • Scatter Symbol: Spaceship
  • Bonus Symbols: Egg symbol, Spaceman symbol
  • Wild Symbol: Caged Alien
  • Game Developer: PlayTech 

About the Game

Alien Hunter is an exciting five-reeled extra-terrestrial themed slot game. The colourful graphics in the game is one of the best features and makes it all the more enjoyable for the player. Players will really feel as though they are exploring outer space and need to be on the lookout for unearthly beings at every turn! It’s almost literally an out-of-this-world experience! Besides the fun design and layout, the game is compelling because of the various opportunities to win big!

Wild Symbol

In Alien Hunter, the Wild symbol is the Caged Alien.  The Wild symbol can be substituted for any of the other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the Scatter symbol. If the player receives five Wild symbols in a row on an active payline, then they can win up to the 10,000-coin jackpot!

Scatter Symbol

The spaceship is the Scatter symbol in Alien Hunter and it does not have to occur on a particular payline for the player to win. Three or more Scatter symbols appearing at the same time on the reels will award the player with free spins, during which the player can also win more free spins.

Bonus Symbols

One of the best features of Alien Hunter is that it has two bonus rounds! The first bonus round is activated when egg symbols appear on the first and last reels of the screen. During this round, a screen appears with multiple eggs and the player can choose and click on one of the eggs to win a prize! But be careful, there is an evil alien amidst the prize giving ones who, if he is clicked on, will automatically end the bonus round!

The second bonus round is activated when a spaceman bonus symbol appears thrice on an active payline in the three middle reels. This bonus round has two options: skill and luck. In the skill option, the player tries to catch six aliens in a period of ten seconds. The faster aliens are worth more points in this round! For those who do not manage to catch any aliens, there is also a consolation prize! In the luck bonus round, there is not a time limit and aliens move more slowly, but the wins are determined more randomly.

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Jackpot: £474,309.02