Betfair Casino Currency Exchange Rates

At Betfair Casino, we endeavour to provide our promotions and rewards in your local currency wherever possible. However, where this is not available, promotions and rewards will be listed in GBP (£). In order to work out what bonus you can receive or target to reach, simply use the currency multiplier table below.

Currency Multiplier
Euro (EUR) x1
United States Dollar (USD) x1.5
Canadian Dollar (CAD) x1.5
Australian Dollar (AUD) x1.5
Singapore Dollar (SGD) x2
Swedish Krona (SEK) x10
Norwegian Krone (NOK) x10
Danish Krone (DKK) x10
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) x10


- A player from Canada places on a leaderboard promotion and wins a £50 bonus. Their account will be credited with a bonus of value CAD $75.