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Looking for a fun game with multiple ways to win? Prepare yourself for the ultimate game of variety! In Megaball on Betfair Casino you can take charge by betting on one or multiple games at a time to increase your winning odds. Choose from eight thrilling games, all with an exciting new way to win.

It does not get any easier than this - predict numbers and colours for a chance to win colossal cash prizes. A life-changing progressive jackpot is also at stake in Megaball. Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by!


Megaball Game Info:

  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Chat Function
  • Eight Game Options

How to Play Megaball

Megaball is made up of eight different games. You can choose a specific game by clicking on the corresponding game symbols, or you have an option to have several wagers in play at one time. Naturally, like all Betfair Casino games, you'll need to set your wagers within the accepted limits which, when it comes to Megaball, are £0.10 and £100.

When you click on a game symbol, game-specific betting rules will appear on screen and each game has different rules and a variety of betting strategies.

Much like Autoplay, you can choose to play one draw or multiple draws depending on your preferred game speed; however, once you've selected your bets and clicked the Confirm button, the game is set and the action begins.

As we've said, you can get all the game information you need inside the betting platform. However, to give you an overview of the action before you start, here's a look at the game variants offered by Megaball:

  • Colours – You will choose a colour and wager on how many of the six drawn balls will match the colour.
  • Cocktail – You will be prompted to choose between a single cocktail or double cocktail. Choosing single means you believe one ball of each colour (red, blue, yellow) will appear. Selecting double means two balls of each colour will be drawn.
  • Sixth – Predict and wager on the number or the colour of the sixth (last) ball drawn: blue, red, or yellow.
  • Steps – Each numbered ball will need to go in order of bigger or smaller than the ball before it.
  • Numbers – Select four of 48 numbers and bet on whether any of the six balls drawn will match your selections. You will be awarded based on the total number of successful matches.
  • First & Last – Set wagers on whether the first numbered ball will be a higher number than the last.
  • Total – Select from a range of totals that the sum of the numbered balls could total.
  • Jackpot – Play for a chance to win the massive Progressive Jackpot!

Once every minute, six numbered and coloured balls (from a total of 48) will appear on screen. Time is kept on the clock at the top of the screen, with betting cut off in the last ten seconds before the balls are displayed. A game tracker is located below the game symbols to help you track your active wagers and winnings per game. To set up more than six bets at a time, click on the arrows on the right side of the tracker. You can also change or cancel out bets using the tracker by clicking on the specific bet.

Megaball Progressive Jackpot

In the Progressive Jackpot, a percentage of all bets made by Megaball players at participating casinos are pooled. In order to win, you will need to successfully match five balls in the Jackpot bet.

To play one of the most diverse online casino games in the world, join Betfair Casino and ante-up on Megaball today.

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