97.30% RTP

Live Quantum Roulette

Roulette has never been more enjoyable than it is with this sophisticated version of the game from Playtech. A live dealer takes control of a roulette wheel where big multipliers can add up to wins that reach 499x your stake!

Quantum Rouette LiveTM – Symbols

  • This game is played inside a luxurious casino setting that been attractively decorated.
  • The ball is sent spinning around a real roulette wheel that fills the centre of the screen.
  • The wheel has 36 black and red numbers on it, as well as a green zero.
  • A friendly live dealer takes charge of the games and keeps things moving along professionally.
  • All of the different bet types you can choose are shown under the wheel, with the racetrack section adding some interesting alternatives.

Features and How to Play Quantum Roulette LiveTM

You need to choose the size of chip you want to wager with from the bottom of the screen. The next step is to pick what number or sequence of numbers you want to put this amount on.

As you would expect, most of the commonly-seen roulette betting options are available. These include straight up bets on single numbers, corner bets, line bets and so on. It is also possible to bet on red or black coming up, as well as other even money bets like odd/even or high/low. These pay out at 1:1. Go to the racetrack if you want to access interesting bets like voisins du zero and orphelins.

As is typically the case with roulette, the best wins come from straight up bets. However, the added appeal here is that randomly applied multipliers can boost this prize even more. The best of these multipliers is a massive 500x, leading to wins of 499x the amount wagered on it.

Quantum Roulette LiveTM RTP

Are your games on here going to end in success? The RTP on Quantum Roulette LiveTM is set to 97.30%. Why not take a seat at this table and see whether you can correctly guess what will happen once the wheel starts to spin around?