92.89% - 96.49% RTP

Cleopatra Plus

The much-loved IGT creation Cleopatra gets a huge update in the customisable, levelled slot of Cleopatra Plus.

This is a three-row, five-reel, 40-payline game. Cleopatra maintains her lofty standing as the wild in Cleopatra Plus, accompanied by high-value symbols like the Ankh and Bejewelled Scarab.

Cleopatra Plus allows you to customise your play, selecting from one of three deities – or a selection from six when you level up – including Hathor, Amun, and Anubis. Each set changes your game: either spread out across the reels for more wins or stacked for bigger wins.

To level up, you must collect followers for the new Pharaoh, Aset. Aset with Followers is the Bonus Symbol; collected to unlock higher levels, new maps, more free spins, and an increase in payback.

Increase the power of the Pharaoh Aset, gain him followers, and utilise the might of Cleopatra and Ancient Egyptian gods to earn mounds of riches.