99.87% RTP

Blackjack Switch

A fly is buzzing annoyingly into the glass of the window, trying to get out. It doesn’t realise that a few inches away there is an opening, and so it continues to bump against into the glass, again and again, endlessly trying to solve the problem in the same way and failing. Have you ever done this? You go on trying to solve a problem in the same way despite the fact that it isn’t working? No, you wouldn’t do that because you are flexible and creative, and when something isn’t working for you, then you try something new. Isn’t that so?

Try something new, be flexible and make the switch to Blackjack Switch, invented by an Englishman, and enjoy a new twist to your favourite game.

Blackjack Switch Game Info:

  • Type:  Casino Table Game
  • Bonus features: Switch feature, Super Match bet
  • Double Down: Available
  • Split: Available
  • Insurance: Available
  • Game Developer: GameAccount Network

Betting and Game Play

Like classic Blackjack, your aim is to beat the dealer by building a hand nearer to 21 than the dealer's or that totals 21 without going bust. The difference here is that you have two hands and therefore two chances to do this. Other differences are mentioned below.

To play the game, click on a chip amount and click on a bet area to bet that amount. Every click adds another chip of the same coin denomination. Click on another chip amount to change. There are two bet areas to choose from. One is normal, the two larger circles which correspond to your two hands. Be aware that when you bet on a normal area you are betting two bets, one for each hand. Super Match is the small circle between the large ones. Super Match is an optional bet where you win if your four initial cards have a pair or better

After you place your bets, click Deal to start your game. You have several buttons to use once your hands have been dealt - Hit (to get another card), Stand (to stand as is), Split (to split two cards of the same value in one hand into two separate hands), Insurance (to protect your bet if you believe the dealer has blackjack) and Switch which switches the top two cards of your two hands. Please note you must choose switch before using the other buttons. Also, using Insurance, Double, and Split require an additional bet amount.

Special Blackjack Switch Rules

There are some rules for this game that are different than for classic Blackjack. First of all, the dealer hits on a soft 17 in this game, meaning that if he has 17 with an Ace in his hand, he always takes another card. In addition, Blackjack pays 1/1 here rather than 3/2, even though there are more blackjacks. Thirdly, if the dealer’s up card is an Ace or has a value of 10, then the dealer will peek before you move. Also, the dealer 22 pushes against all active player hands, except blackjacks. Lastly, the game is played with six decks.