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Play All Bets Blackjack - Blackjack Game Review

We all love blackjack, it's simple, fun, and always keeps us engaged. Now, with All Bets Blackjack from Playtech, players can try an exciting new version which sets itself above the competition. Just be sure to keep a quick hand and an even quicker mind, and you might find your way to splitting the perfect pair for yourself!

21 is the name of the game, just as with traditional blackjack, and All Bets comes with all the additions that players have come to expect and love. Split two cards of the same value for an additional hand, double your bet before you take a third card, and purchase insurance when you suspect the dealer might be hiding a blackjack, and that's just getting started.

Running off six decks means All Bets Blackjack has immense hidden opportunities, especially for those who are bold of heart. Achieve a 10-Card Charlie by drawing a total of ten cards without going bust to automatically win, provided the dastardly dealer doesn't achieve a blackjack of his own.

More interested in side bets? All Bets Blackjack comes with everything needed to satiate even the hungriest player. Place a Top 3 or 21+3 bet to win off a combination of the dealer's and your own hands, or gather two of the exact same cards to open up the opportunity to build off of a specialized Perfect Pair. Even bet on the dealer busting with the Buster Blackjack side bet!

Want to build to even greater heights? Play Progressive Blackjack to score winnings for enormous future potential multipliers or gather tricky combinations to unlock the Lucky Lucky side bet, and show the dealer just how much you have up your digital sleeve.

Play All Bets Blackjack to work on your hand, and to show the house who really rules!