91.89% - 97.00% RTP

Wild Gambler



You crouch low behind the dry bush as you try to make yourself as still as possible so the herd of lions a mere hundred meters away do not take notice of you. The lions lie lazily in the shade of a leafy tree while the mother cleans her babies and the father takes a drink from the cool pond. There are not any other animals in sight and you lost your safari group long, long ago. The guide had warned you not to go in this direction, that the animals are unused to seeing humans in this part and that it can be difficult to navigate and easy to get lost. But with your new lens on your camera, you just had to get closer to the action and get some great photos of the wildlife you travelled so far to get a glimpse of.

You are just pulling the viewfinder up to your eye when you hear a distinct slithering sound and look down below to see a thick, menacing snake writhing at your feet!




  • Reels:  5
  • Lines: 20
  • Game Features: Free Games, Lock and Spin mode
  • Wild Symbol: Lion and modifying Wilds
  • Game Developer: Ash Gaming




Line stakes are chosen by clicking the Line Stake arrow buttons to increase or decrease the amount.

The Wild Gambler game is always played with 20 active win lines. The number of active win lines is fixed and cannot be changed by the player.

Normal symbols can be turned into Wild symbols. Clicking on a symbol selects it and turns it into a Wild. Clicking on a Wild symbol de-selects it and removes the Wild.

Clicking Spin spins the reels with the currently selected line stake. After the reels have started spinning, clicking Spin again ends the spin animation and displays the spin result immediately. The total amount you have staked will be shown in the Stake box above the Spin button. Wild symbols will not be locked in place using the Spin button.

Clicking Lock & Spin keeps the Wild symbols currently on the reels and spins the reels so that only the other symbols are changed.

This increases the chance of getting wins. The total amount you have staked will be shown in the Stake box above the Lock & Spin button and will vary depending on where the Wilds are on the reels. Note: The total stake in the Lock & Spin mode is always higher than the total stake in the normal spin mode.

If the Auto-Lock mode is enabled, Wild symbols in the spin results are automatically locked in place when the Lock & Spin button is clicked. If the Auto-Lock mode is disabled, the only Wilds that will be locked are the ones that were on the reels before turning off the Auto-Lock mode or those manually selected by the player. 

Note: Auto Lock is enabled by default and can be disabled through the Options button in the lower left-hand corner of the game window. Locked Wilds can be identified by a padlock icon on the symbol when the mouse is rolled over the reels or the Lock & Spin button.

In the normal spin mode, the total stake equals the currently selected line stake multiplied by the number of lines (20). In the Lock & Spin mode, the total stake varies depending on where the Wilds symbols are.

Grab your wide-billed sunhat and your camera because you’re going on a safari! Wild Gambler is an African safari-themed slot machine game that brings together the suspense and thrill of African safaris with the big winnings of online gambling. The game is unique in that it doesn’t feature the Scatter symbol common to other online slots, but it does have an exciting Lock and Spin feature that players will surely enjoy. So enjoy the ride and sightings of exotic animals, but be careful because, although they are easy on the eyes, they are still beasts and have sharp bites!




The Wild symbol in Wild Gambler is a lion and this symbol can be used as a substitute for any other symbol that appears on the reels. When five lions appear simultaneously on the reels, there is a separate payout that can be found in the paytable!




The player has the option to play the normal spin mode or to play in the Lock and Spin mode. With this setting, the player can make it so all Wilds that appear on the reels are ‘locked’ and only the other symbols change when the reels are spun again, in order to help the player get the most winning combination possible.




Periodically throughout the game meerkats will appear at the bottom of the screen showing random letters. If the meerkats happen to hold up the letters B, O, N, U, and S then the free spin round will be activated. Reels spin automatically during the free spins and all Wilds that were present during the round that activated the free spins will remain ‘locked’ in the reels. Additionally, new Wilds are kept in place whether the auto-lock feature is enabled or not.




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