89.90% - 96.00% RTP

Wild Gambler: Arctic Adventure

In the latest offering of the Wild Gambler series things are getting chilly in this Arctic Adventure. This cartoon-themed slot game includes polar bears, sea lions and of course plenty of opportunities to win big money. The game is suited to all kinds of players, with the option to bet very low or very high stakes. Hence the name, Wild Gambler, there are opportunities for heavy betters to stake big money on locked wilds or upgrade wilds to increase their chances of a serious pay-out.

How to Play Wild Gambler: Arctic Adventure Slots

Under the Hood:

  • Minimum Bet = £0.001
  • Reels = 5
  • Win lines = 20
  • Maximum bet =£0.125
  • Features= wild symbol, modifying wild
  • Benefits = free spins

About the Game

The objective of Wild Gambler is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels.

To play the game:

Line stakes are chosen by clicking the Line Stake arrow buttons to increase or decrease the amount.

The Wild Gambler game is always played with 20 active win lines. The number of active win lines is fixed and cannot be changed by the player.

Normal symbols can be turned into Wild symbols. Clicking on a symbol selects it and turns it into a Wild. Clicking on a Wild symbol de-selects it and removes the Wild.

Clicking Spin spins the reels with the currently selected line stake. After the reels have started spinning, clicking Spin again ends the spin animation and displays the spin result immediately. The total amount you have staked will be shown in the Stake box above the Spin button. Wild symbols will not be locked in place using the Spin button.

Clicking Lock & Spin keeps the Wild symbols currently on the reels and spins the reels so that only the other symbols are changed.

This increases the chance of getting wins. The total amount you have staked will be shown in the Stake box above the Lock & Spin button and will vary depending on where the Wilds are on the reels. Note: The total stake in the Lock & Spin mode is always higher than the total stake in the normal spin mode.

If the Auto Lock mode is enabled, Wild symbols in the spin results are automatically locked in place when the Lock & Spin button is clicked.

If the Auto Lock mode is disabled, the only Wilds which will be locked are the ones that were on the reels before turning off the Auto Lock mode or those manually selected by the player. Note: Auto Lock is enabled by default and can be disabled through the Options button in the lower left-hand corner of the game window. Locked Wilds can be identified by a padlock icon on the symbol when the mouse is rolled over the reels or the Lock & Spin button.

On this game there isn’t an option to play as many win lines as you want, there are 20 win lines, and you play all of them. You can play for as little as £0.02 or as much as £2.50 per spin, not taking into account the “lock and spin” feature. The pay-outs are relative to how much you choose to bet. The best possible pay-out comes from five wilds which are depicted by the polar bear. These pay 1000X your stake.

The cards with the sea lion picture pay 800X and the cards with the moose pay 500X your bet. This is the game in its simplest terms. There are a few features that can change the game, how you bet and how much you can win considerably.

The unique feature of this game is the ability to lock wilds in place before your next spin. When a wild card appears on the screen you can hold it using the “lock and spin” button in the bottom right-hand corner. If a wild lands underneath a locked wild then the win multiplier for that locked wild will increase by one.

A wild can be upgraded to a maximum of X5. The total bet varies with locked wilds in view and is displayed above the “lock and spin” button. So each spin costs more but your chances of winning are increased massively. Players also have the option to add and upgrade their own locked wilds at an extra cost per spin.

Free spin icons can drop in at any time. Locked wilds stay in place for the duration of the free spins and any new wilds will lock in place until the free spins run out.

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