94.33% RTP

Showtime Spinner

Showtime Spinner Slot Game Details

Showtime Spinner is the ultimate game show slot game. Spin the reels and match symbols to access prize-themed bonus rounds, such as the Holiday Bonus, Car Free Spins and the Wheel Bonus rounds. 

This five-by-five-reel game by Cayetano has cascading slots to keep the reels spinning for as long as possible. Experience the game show atmosphere from any desktop or mobile device. 

Showtime Spinner Symbols

The symbols in the Showtime Spinner slot game are all about prizes. As well as matching them for wins, you will also have the chance to activate a bonus round when certain symbols are matched enough times.

The symbols in Showtime Spinner are:

  • Cars (feature symbol);
  • Suitcases (feature symbol);
  • Spinning Wheels (feature symbol);
  • Cash;
  • Gold Bars;
  • Card symbols: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. 

Features and How to Play Showtime Spinner slot

The game screen shows three progress bars set beside the reels. Each of these corresponds to a bonus round. If you match five or more feature symbols, a square is added to their bar. This fills up when five matches have taken place, and will immediately activate a bonus round.

The potential bonus rounds are as follows:

  • Car Free Spins: up to seven free spins are activated. During the free spin rounds, car symbols become Wild, meaning they substitute for other symbols on the reels. This increases the possibility of getting matches!
  • Holiday Bonus: you have the chance to match three multipliers to win up to 5x your stake.
  • Wheel Bonus: the wheel spins three times, stopping at a random section each time to reveal a prize. The prize pot can increase each round, from 50x to 1000x! On the third spin, a special prize is offered, but you can reject this to play for the biggest prize on the wheel if you're feeling lucky.

Take your chances on the Showtime Spinner slot game and spin your way through the bonus rounds, available now at Betfair Casino.

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