92.03% RTP

Scratch 4 Emeralds - 5

Scratch 4 Emeralds 5 is one of Core Gaming’s many epic scratch card games. Expect to be dazzled by shades of emerald as you open this scratch card in the hopes of it revealing winning numbers and icons. Divided into four panels, this game gives you four different chances to win so there's no need to worry if your first panel turns out to be a dud.

 As much fun as scratching and revealing the prizes can be, the biggest question when it comes to scratch cards is, what’s the top prize? Well, Scratch 4 Emeralds 5 certainly impresses with its grand prize, which is no less than £100,000! Best of all, you can win this huge jackpot on panels two, three, and four.

Fingers at the ready - play now and scratch for your share of the profits!

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