94.7% RTP

Scratch 4 Diamonds -10

Diamonds are the perfect gem to go along with this luxury scratch card game. Also known as a girl’s best friend, diamonds are an iconic symbol of wealth and you could definitely find yourself to be very wealthy if you happen to match the right symbols in this game.

Sparkling diamonds adorn Scratch 4 Diamonds 10, which is separated into four different panels, and when scratched, display different images or values. On this scratch card, the more matches you get, the better! In fact, you'll get four different chances to win, making the scratch card just that much more exciting.

This game, which was created by the developers at Core Gaming, has a very tempting grand prize available of £250,000 if you manage to match all four panels correctly.

Scratch 4 Diamonds 10 is super easy to play, so get scratching now!

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