97.30% RTP

Pinball Roulette

You slip your coin into the slot and the game comes alive. Colours brighten, lights twinkle, and a tinny jingle plays out. You place your hands on either side of the machine after pulling back the lever to send the tiny plastic ball shooting up and onto the playing field.

Before you know it you are completely engrossed in the game, doing everything you can to keep the plastic ball from sliding all the way to the bottom and ending the game!

About Pinball Roulette

This game combines the luck-laden aspect of roulette with the fast pace of pinball to create an interesting fusion of two classic games. As in traditional roulette, there are three different colours: red, black and green. In the European version of roulette, there are 37 numbered and coloured squares.

In the American version of roulette, however, there are 38 numbered and coloured squares. In Pinball Roulette, there are 36 numbered and coloured squares. But perhaps the biggest difference between Pinball Roulette and other forms of roulette is not the numbers used; it’s the overall design of the game! Instead of a spinning wheel, the game screen is comprised of a chequered pinball wheel. And as in pinball, the player waits for the pinball to finish bouncing around and stop on a square.

How to Play Pinball Roulette

The game begins with the player trying to correctly predict on which square the pinball will stop. The squares numbered 1 to 36 are coloured either black or red, where as the green squares are zero. Once you've decided on a square or a wider betting area (i.e. red/black, odd/even), you can make your selection by clicking on the desired portion of the screen you would like to bet on.

You must also choose a chip with your desired value on it to place on this betting area. You may place multiple chips on multiple betting areas at the same time, depending on your preferences but you must always meet the minimum betting limit which, for this game, is: £0.50.

For those with less time on their hands or those who enjoy a quicker paced game, the Turbo Bet option might be just what they are looking for! Turbo Bet is a mode that skips the animation of the bouncing pinball and goes directly to the game’s results.

Auto Bet is another useful feature for those who may be busy with other things or would like to give the computer a chance to try its luck. Auto Bet is the Autoplay mode for Pinball Roulette and during this mode the same wagercan be used for 1, 2, 5, or 10 consecutive games.

Pinball Roulette's Added Extra

To distinguish Pinball Roulette from other games, there is a bonus round that opens up each time you win. If you wish to play the bonus game you'll have to click Gamble which will launch a pinball into playfield. If the ball hits one or more bumpers and then falls into the wide slot in the lower middle, you win a prize based on the number of multipliers you've activated.

During the bonus round you can win up to ten times your win amount from the main game. However, if the ball doesn't light up any multipliers or it falls into the lose section of the playing field, you lose your bet and the bonus round ends.

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