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Live Lightning Roulette

When it comes to online casino games, nothing embodies the vibrancy and excitement of traditional casinos like roulette does. This classic game can be enjoyed in many formats at Betfair Casino, including a unique live-action game by Evolution Gaming called Live Lightning Roulette.

By merging the classic rules of French Roulette with new features in quick rounds, players can experience this established game in a fresh and exciting new way.




As with French Roulette, players need to predict the winning number in Lightning Roulette UK. The wheel layout consists of the standard 37 spaces with numbers ranging from zero to 36. However, Lightning Roulette introduces exclusive lucky numbers to the mix for an added layer of unpredictability.

Players also have the option to customise their gaming experience when they play live Lightning Roulette. These include opting for playing online on a single-player table, or choosing a favourite dealer if available, or even adjusting the speed at which the game is played.




As with standard Roulette, players must start a new round of Lightning Roulette by placing their bets, more of which is described below. Once all the wagers have been set, the live dealer will generate the number of lucky numbers, the lucky numbers themselves, and the lucky payouts. The roulette wheel is spun, and when the ball lands on the number the winnings are distributed.




When it comes to placing wagers, standard roulette bets are required. These include Inside Bets, Outside Bets, Straight-Up bets, and Neighbouring bets. Players can also place more specific roulette bets such as corner bets, split bets, and even 50/50 bets.

  • Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts – as already discussed, once all the bets have been set, the dealer will pull the handle to unleash the lightning strikes that reveal the lucky numbers. There can be between one and five lucky numbers, which are generated numbers present on the roulette wheel, each coming with a multiplier that varies between 50x and 500x. Winning bets that consist of Lucky Numbers will have the amount waged multiplier by the randomly generated multiplier.
  • Lightning roulette payouts – Straight-up bets that result in a win but do not have a lightning roulette multiplier have a base payout of 30:1, while those straight-up bets with multiplier bonuses can range from 50:1 up to 500:1. All the remaining bets in Lightning Roulette have the same payouts as standard roulette.
  • Lightning roulette UK odds – When considering that this variant of roulette includes the same odds as in standard roulette with the additional perk of Lightning bonus features, the overall odds of Lightning Roulette are pretty decent. The overall house edge for Lightning Roulette is considered to be more favourable when compared to the standard game.




Given the fact that roulette has been around for quite some time, there are a number of lightning roulette strategy guides available to support players when playing this game. In general, such strategies will cover different approaches to placing bets before the dealer spins the wheel. There are several popular strategies to choose from, include the Martingale Strategy, the James Bond Strategy, or the Fibonacci Strategy.

Lightning roulette Tips – A key tip towards perfecting your Lightning Roulette strategy is to carefully manage your bankroll. Consistent management of funds will guarantee longer and more efficient gameplay. As with most casino games, Lightning Roulette is a game of chance so it is imperative that players set betting limits and reassess their wagers with each new round. Our informational article will help you better understand roulette betting types, odds and payouts.




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There is no doubt that Lightning Roulette UK is an exciting online casino game, but players can also enjoy a wide range of other options at Betfair Casino. Their large portfolio of games includes some of the best online slots, video slots and jackpot slots, popular table games, and a specific poker section with tournaments. Betfair Casino also offers a comprehensive Sportsbook section with some of the most competitive sporting events, European championships, and international tournaments.




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