97.21% RTP

Crazy 7

Through the smoky dim light of the casino you see the gaudy madness that is Crazy 7 slots. As you stand and stare, the glitzy exterior calls out to you: spin the wheel, take a chance it cries as its colours glisten, the machine buckles and the sevens flash wildly!

Maybe it's your mood, maybe it's the call of the game but you decide to ante-up and play Crazy 7. Betfair Casino gives you the platform and you clasp your chips ready to make a bet.

Is today your lucky day? Will you hit the right combination and get a Crazy 7 win? Only fate and time will tell as the slot rolls begin to spin. 

How to Play Crazy 7 Slots

 The objective of Crazy 7 slots on Betfair Casino is to roll in a winning combination of sevens. For those that like to know what they're up against at all times, this online slot lays everything out for you in a handy table at the table of the betting window.

Indeed, at any point in the game you'll be able to see what the best combination of symbols is by glancing up at the flashing paytable at the top of the screen.

For ease of reference and so that you know what you're getting into, the best combination is, unsurprisingly, three red sevens. Roll in three of these numerical beauties and you'll win a 400 coin payout. 

Crazy 7 Betting Limits

Of course, before you can win you have to bet and to choose a coin denomination you have to use the + and – buttons on the left of the screen. As you do this you'll see the counter move up from its starting position of £0.01 to a maximum stake of £20 per spin.

For those that choose to risk a single bet the size of your coin will be multiplied by one. However, if you choose to bet two or three coins then you must multiply your coin size by the same amount. At the top end this means you can wager a maximum of £60 per spin when you play Crazy 7 on Betfair Casino. However, as we've mentioned, the top jackpot is 400 coins and you can only claim this if you roll in the jackpot symbols while playing the maximum number of bets.

Naturally, if you don’t want to play Crazy 7 for real money straight away you can ante-up for free at the practice tables. Once you're comfortable with the game you can then switch to the real money game with a single click of the "play for real cash" button.

Shortcut keys

To speed things up and make Crazy 7 even crazier you can use the following shortcut keys:

TAB highlights the next button on the screen.

ENTER selects the button that is currently highlighted.

SPACEBAR spins the reels with the currently selected bet.

If this combination of speed, simplicity and prizes isn't enough to float your boat then you must be crazy. However, if you are in the market for a fantastic online slot, the Betfair Casino's Crazy 7 is a game that makes perfect sense.