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You feel the electricity buzzing throughout the room as you take the dice in your hand.  Your heart is beating so hard you’re sure the guy next to you can hear it.  So much is riding on this turn!  The table is hot, the crowd around you is growing, and the excitement is palpable!

As you throw the dice down the table you close your eyes and hold your breath. You hear a collective gasp from the players and spectators now huddled around the table, followed by what seems like minutes of silence.  Then, a loud animated cheer erupts from the crowd!  You open your eyes and are met with high fives and wide-eyed grins.  A dealer pays out large stacks of chips around the table and then it starts all over again!  There is nothing more thrilling or satisfying than the fast-paced game of Craps! 

Craps Game Buttons:

  • Clear Bets:  Click to remove all of the chips on the table
  • Roll:  Click to throw the dice

How to Play Craps

The game of craps is all about predicting the outcome of a dice roll, but before you can release the numbered cubes, you first have to place your bets.

Inside Betfair Casino you can do this by clicking on a chip worth between £0.10 and £100. After selecting your stake you must then click on any part of bet area to set a single chip down.  Naturally, just as it would be in a live casino, another chip equals another bet, so if you want to increase your stake you can simply click on the same betting area to add more chips. 

While it's possible to bet varying amounts on different bets, the minimum and maximum betting limits must be adhered to which, on Betfair Casino, are between £1 and £100 per roll.

Finally, if you've made a mistake and want to start again before hitting the roll button you can simply touch the ClearBets option and your chips will be removed from play.  

The Aim of the Game

The aim of craps is simple: predict the outcome of a dice roll. To reach this goal you first need a player to roll the dice (a shooter). On Betfair Casino this will be you and once you've set your bets you can simply hit the roll button and wait for the system to do its thing.

At the start of each new game you'll have to place a bet on either the Pass or Don’t Pass lines during the initial phase of the game known as the come out roll. After the initial roll, the game moves into its second phase known as the point.

The come out roll: At this stage of the game the player wins if a seven or eleven is rolled. In contrast, if the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve (known as craps), then all pass line bets are declared losers and a new hand is started. Finally, if any other number is rolled, this becomes known as “the point” and the game enters a second stage.

The point: Once a point has been established the value of the numbers seven and eleven change. Indeed, during the point phase of the game, if these two numbers are rolled then all player bets are declared losers. While you are trying to avoid a seven or eleven during this stage of the game, you will also be aiming to bet on the right point numbers in order to secure a return on their investment.

For ease, all craps payouts are listed on the table. This means that when you put a chip down you'll be able to see exactly how much you stand to win.

As you can see, craps is a game of two halves. If you're able to get to grips with the shift and have a knack for dice games then you'll find that this is one of Betfair Casino's most impressive online offerings.

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