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Chinese Kitchen

While on a trip in China, you decided to take an evening and spend it in a Chinese Kitchen with a chef! You were hoping to learn how to make a few new dishes and eat some mouth-watering cuisine. After asking around for recommendations, a mysterious man approaches you and tells you he has a great suggestion, but it will cost you. You are captivated by his attitude, and decide to hand him some money. He gives you a note with a street name and a frog scribbled on it and walks away.

On your way to the Chinese Kitchen, you begin to notice the streets getting darker. It starts to feel like a bit of a maze. You finally come upon a large door. No address, just a frog painted on the outside. It is definitely strange, but you are intrigued!

You knock and are greeted by a warm and inviting chef who ushers you in. You immediately notice that this is no ordinary Chinese Kitchen. Large aquariums of bright green frogs, stacks of recipe books, and sparkling copper pots and pans fill the room. There is also the wonderful aroma of a delicious duck cooking in an oven nearby!

You are not sure what this Chinese Kitchen has in store, but the friendly smile of the chef assures you that you are in for a fun and exciting adventure!

Chinese Kitchen Slot Details:

  • Reels: 3 Reels
  • Paylines: 8 Lines
  • Jackpot Symbol: Turtle

How to Play Chinese Kitchen Slots

To cook up the perfect feast inside Chinese Kitchen slots you need the right ingredients and each time you start a new game the first thing you need to reach for is your wallet. Initiating a round of spins costs money and to set your stake inside this Betfair Casino slot you need to hit the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons located towards the bottom right side of the screen. Betting begins at a base level of £0.01 and as you hit the + button you'll see the value increase up to a maximum value of £5.

In addition to adjusting the coin size, you can enhance the power of your recipe by hitting the Bet One button to add extra coins to the mix.

Finally, to complete your stake recipe you have the ability to adjust the number of active paylines in your dish. . Hitting the All Lines button will highlight all eight paylines, while clicking the numbered buttons on either side of the reels will manually adjust the number of ways you can win.

Inside Chinese Kitchen slots on Betfair Casino you'll be able to spin the reels and make something delicious from as little as £0.01 (a single win line). However, if you fancy something a little meatier and you can spare the cash, the stakes can be raised to a maximum of £40 per spin.

Winning Combinations inside Chinese Kitchen Slots

Once you've hit the spin button the reels will turn faster than the chef's spoon and if you're able to match any of the winning symbols you'll bank a prize. During the game you can check the winning combinations via the paytable tab; however, when it comes to value, the most impressive image is the turtle.

Three of these shelled creatures on any active win line will furnish you with a top prize worth 1,000 coins!

Chinese Kitchen Slots: The Technical Features

When you play Chinese Kitchen slots on Betfair Casino you'll be able to toggle a number of features and get all the information you need via a series of handy tabs. Indeed, game specifics, including information on set-up, paytable, and game features, can be found by clicking on the Info button.

Once inside this tab you can use the arrow buttons found on the lower right corner will enable quick and easy navigation between the information screens. To view payline information, click on the Show Paylines button found on the Paytable page. Your current balance is displayed at the bottom left side of the screen. You can add to this amount by clicking on the Buy Chips button at any time.

If you're looking for a simple slots recipe that's tasty and easy to digest, then check out Chinese Kitchen on Betfair Casino today.