99.46% RTP

Betfair Blackjack Low 3

If you’re in the market to ante up alongside the best blackjack dealers in the business and play for stakes as high as £2,500 per round, look no further than Betfair Blackjack Low 3. Crafted specially for us, this game is your chance to hit, stand, double and split with a real dealer. If that’s not enough, then how about a table that’s crammed full of unique features and ways for you to bank wins topping 100x your bet?

Betfair Blackjack Low 3 Game Info

  • Wager as much as £2,500 per round
  • Side bets pay up to 100x your stake
  • Bet behind for just £10
  • Software Provider: Playtech

How to Play Betfair Blackjack Low 3

The thing that really makes the Betfair Blackjack Low 3 stand out from the crowd is the fact you can play even if the table is full. Because we know this game is hugely popular, our software allows you to play from behind. In simple terms, this means that you can wager between £10 and £500 when the seven main seats have been taken. When you do this, the active player will dictate the action, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

As an added extra, the Betfair Blackjack Low 3 table allows you to place two side bets. Available from as little as £1, these bonus options payout anything from 1x up to 100x your stake when your two cards match or work in unison with the dealer’s card to create a ranked poker hand. Overall, when you combine these features with some of the best live dealers in the business, Betfair Blackjack Low 3 is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a more interesting and immersive betting experience.

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