93.08% RTP

Arcade Bomb



Blast off into a future of riches with the marvellously exciting Arcade Bomb slot from Red Tiger Gaming. It is a combination of strategy, spinning action, and an old-school arcade theme that lets players effortlessly work their way to the 1,000x jackpot.    

By mastering the four blast patterns, you can collect bomb colours and benefit from the explosions. Bombs lock onto the reels and count down with every spin to even bigger explosions. Identical mystery symbols replace those caught in the blast and if any unexploded bombs are detected, they detonate too. There’s no doubt that the Arcade Bomb online slot is a game that offers an array of explosive winning opportunities across five reels hosting 20 paylines that you could claim.   




  • Developer: Red Tiger Gaming  
  • Theme: Bombs  
  • Paylines: 20  
  • Reels: Five-by-three  
  • Max win: 1,000x your bet  




To be able to open the aeroplane doors and shout, “bombs away!”, you need to hit winning combinations. Of course, that’s only possible when you know which motifs you’re searching for. The Arcade Bomb slot game makes things simple by using icons that are synonymous with the theme. Still, it’s worth noting the symbols underneath for your information:  

  • Blue bomb  
  • Purple bomb  
  • Yellow bomb  
  • Green bomb  
  • Lemons  
  • Cherries  
  • Strawberries  
  • Bells  
  • Sevens  
  • Bars  

The Sevens are the highest-paying symbols, while the cherries are the lowest-paying. When you light the fuses of any of the above, the potential for winning explosions is greater than ever!  




Playing Arcade Bomb online is all about simplicity. Your job is to land winning combos on relevant paylines. However, the bombs make things interesting because the counter keeps on going until it hits zero, resulting in massive explosions.   

Each bomb has a different explosion pattern, meaning hitting one can lead to a chain reaction that supercharges your winnings by replacing the symbols within the detonation zone. If you’re lucky, the bombs will swap the low-paying symbols for the highest-paying icons.  




It’s savvy to consider betting strategies as they can help you increase your chances of winning. So, if you’re thinking about using tactics to your advantage for Arcade Slot, you’re not alone. But the Arcade Bomb online slot machine is a game of luck, which means strategies don’t apply. When you select the title on Betfair Casino, please be aware of this before pressing Spin.  




Arcade Bomb is unusual in the sense that there aren’t any bonuses or free spins to claim. Instead, there’s only one feature – Reel Bombs. Reel Bombs alters from the base game because it helps you boost your combinations. Here’s what to keep in mind:  

  • There are four different coloured bombs.  
  • Individual bombs have separate explosion patterns.  
  • When a bomb lands on the reel, a countdown will begin. The bomb explodes when it hits zero  
  • Nearby unexploded bombs also detonate when a bomb goes off.  

Betfair Casino customers love the uncomplicated nature of the Arcade Bomb slot. It is easy to understand, but it has enough features to ensure the gameplay remains fast-paced.  




  • Chinese Treasures: Fortunes are on offer in this slot game by Red Tiger. Unlike Arcade Bomb, the theme is Ancient China, so you need to make your way through the emperor’s temple to grab your winnings.  
  • Ancient Script: Ancient Script is similar to Chinese Treasures, but the theme is Egypt. By uncovering the golden sarcophagus, you’ll imbibe the power to reveal free spins and cash prizes.    




Online slots make up a significant portion of our library at Betfair Casino, yet we aren’t a one-trick pony. When you sign up with us, you get to play everything from classic and modern bingo offerings to traditional casino table game services. There are even live casino solutions for users who want the authenticity of a casino floor without leaving the house!  




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