97.30% RTP

3D Roulette

As you look around you at the elegant buildings of the French Riviera, you feel as if you are in a dream. You make your way inside the Casino and take a moment to people watch as some of the sophisticated crowd mills around looking for their lucky table and others are intensely involved in gaming. You decide it is your turn to find a table. The sound of the roulette wheel catches your ear and you saunter over to watch the action. You reach out and place your chips on black. You win your bet and decide to let it ride.

Try this classic and popular game which is rendered with such reality that you feel as though you are actually in the Casino despite being comfortably settled in at home.

3D Roulette Casino Table Game Info:

  • Classic European format
  • Pleasing 3D Game interface
  • Software Provider: Playtech

Betting Set-Up

To play, all you have to do is click on a chip of the amount you wish to bet and then place the chip where you want to bet. You have a choice of either an individual number or a group, such as red or even. If you wish to increase your stake by a different amount, select another chip and then place your bet. You can place multiple bets of multiple amounts all in one game should you choose to do so.

There are three buttons to make game play easier at the top right hand corner of the game screen. The first is Clear, which removes all chips on the board. The second is Undo, which bins the last chip that you placed. Finally, Redo adds that removed chip again.

Paytable Button

For any clarifications of game combination features, click on the Paytable button. Here you can view information about the payouts and view the paytable.

Game Play

Once your bets have been set, click Spin and watch the ball race around the wheel. If the stars are aligned in your favour, that racing ball will land in a slot of one of your chosen spots. Whenever you win, a detailed result window will appear which details the amount you have won and breakdown of the win. All wins are added to your balance. The winning chip is kept in the same place on the board after a successful round, so you can repeat the same bet by hitting Continue and then pressing Spin.

Other Game Features

You can find some useful tools to enhance your game play on the top of the game screen. For instance, the Bet field shows your current total wager placed and Win shows the amount you have won from the last spin.  Min and Max Bet are displayed for you to be able to check the lowest and highest possible stakes for the Straight Up bet position.

On the lower edge of the window, meanwhile, there are a number of helpful game-specific options. For example, when clicked, the Visual button opens the 3D Roulette options window and here you can change the appearance of the game however you prefer. Finally, you can also find the 3D Roulette paytable here, which contains a list of payouts for the game.