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3 Card Brag



Card games are without a doubt one of the key pillars of an online casino. Whether it is Blackjack, Poker, or Baccarat, players are always looking to test out a new card game. So, if you’re looking for a card game at Betfair Casino that has a simple ruleset, straightforward bets, and the chance of some decent returns, you should check out 3 card brag.

This fast-paced 3 card game has been a prominent game in the United Kingdom since the 18th Century, and at one point was one of the most played games in social settings. The modern brag card game is an evolution of the traditional version with more simplified rules and gameplay.




Players compete against each other in 3 card brag, with some versions only having two players competing in the dealer and the player. When only two individuals are involved at a casino table, bluffing is not a requirement. However, when multiple players sit down at a table in this 3 card game, bluffing is of paramount importance.

The dealer gives 3 face-up cards to the player and places 3 face-down cards for themselves, and the player with the highest-ranking hand wins the round. The highest number in this game is 3, which is where this brag card game gets its name.




When cards are dealt and 3 card brag begins, players must look at their hands and decide if they want to place a bet or fold. When multiple players are involved, betting will continue until only two players remain, with the best hand winning the entire pot.

Given the limited number of cards dealt in this 3 card game, bluffing is critical to a successful outcome. In fact, this is where ‘brag’ is derived, as a strong hand may not necessarily lead to an outright win.




As with most card games, 3 Card Brag does have a large amount of chance attributed to it, but the element of bluffing creates an additional layer of skill and strategy to this game. Practice in this brag card game is important for success so that confidence in the game can be achieved.

The following strategy will cover the solitary game between one player and the dealer.

  • Ante Bet – when the game beings, all players that want to be included in the hand must place an initial Ante bet, which is always specified before the game begins.
  • Play or Fold? – once the dealer distributes the three cards to all the players and themself, players must decide if they wish to play their hand or fold. This depends on how well players can judge if their hand has a decent chance of winning.
  • Placing bets – when a player decides to proceed with their hand, they must place a bet that is equal to the Ante Bet.
  • The Showdown – 3 Card Brag only has one round for placing bets. Therefore, players must decide immediately if they wish to proceed or not. When a ‘Play’ bet is placed, players access the showdown and can see the dealer’s cards. This round will reveal the outcome, and whether a player will have to hand over all their chips to the dealer.
  • Calculating your odds – part of the strategy for winning at 3 Card Brag is understanding your odds of winning when you look at your face-down cards. As per most poker games, the dealer needs to qualify to win, which for this 3 card game requires them to have a Queen high or better.

In cases where the dealer does not qualify, players get their money back and their ante bet is paid one-to-one.




Players have a wide range of casino card games to choose from at Betfair Casino. If this brag card game is not the right fit, there are several other great options to test out. These include Original Blackjack, Original Blackjack with Side Bets, or the popular Classic Blackjack. All of these table card games will provide players with an exciting and challenging time against the dealer and other players.




Betfair Casino not only provides a great choice of card games such as 3 card brag and Blackjack, but it also boasts a diverse portfolio of products that can be accessed when players register for their free account.

With hundreds of slot games, immersive live dealer casino games, and jackpot games, Betfair Casino offers a unique online betting experience. Furthermore, players that enjoy 3 Card Brag and other poker games can access Betfair’s dedicated poker section, which comes with exclusive promotions and tournaments.




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