91.56% RTP

250k Scratch

Will you scratch your way to a fortune with the scintillating £250k scratch game? As the name suggests, the top prize in this fast and fun instant-win game is a glorious £250,000!

This card treats you to five games in one. The chances of a win are high, with one out of every 2.87 cards being a winner! Simply use the scratcher to reveal the numbers one by one or choose the "scratch all" function to see all of the numbers revealed at once.

There are five thrilling ways to win this game; match your numbers, sum of seven, match three symbols, match amounts and the bonus game. If you aren’t happy with the card you are given, you can even opt to swap it with another.

Start your 250k Scratch, and you could soon have a giant jackpot prize staring right back at you!

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