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125k Scratch

Play 125k Scratch At Betfair Casino


If you’re after a vibrant and fast-paced online scratch card game, then 125K Scratch from Red Tiger is the one for you. With four games and a bonus feature, 125k Scratch isn’t pulling any punches!


How To Play 25k Scratch


Scratching the cards in 125k Scratch at Betfair Casino is simple. To get started, select your bet size by clicking “Other Cards” in the bottom-right corner of the play area. Once you’re ready to play 125k Scratch, hit the “Buy Card” button on the bottom right-hand side of the play area.

You’ll then be able to manually scratch-off individual games, or you can opt to reveal all the areas at once. Each card gives you four games plus one bonus round.


Match With Your Numbers


The first game starts by giving you two lucky numbers. Match one or both of these numbers to the six numbers on the card. By doing this, you’ll win the corresponding amount. Diamonds double winnings for this game.


Sum Of 7


Game two requires you to make the sum of seven with the numbers shown in the first two boxes. If you make seven, then you’ll win the amount shown in the final box. There are two rows, meaning you have two chances to win.


Match 3 Symbols


In the third game, you are required to match three symbols in the 3x3 play area. If you do, you’ll win the amount shown in the paytable.


Match 3 Amounts


In the last game, players are required to match three amounts inside the 3x3 play area. Managing this feat will reward you with the amount you matched.




Each card has a bonus game for you to play. There are three potential prizes when playing this bonus. These include cash bonuses, extra cards, and a win multiplier. If you double your winnings in the first game with a diamond, the bonus multiplier applies to this amount.


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