92.48% + Jackpot King Promotional pot Palautusprosentti

Slots O’ Gold

We all love slots, and we all love the payouts that they give us. What would be even better? How about Slots O’ Gold? Built by Blueprint Gaming this five-reel slot game knows exactly what we want!

It’s the leprechaun that brings us the Wild Bonuses in this slot, perched on his pot and very eager to see us win. Winning with this little guy also gives the Rainbow Re-spin, where he expands to cover the reels, and spins the reels again with all of his magic might! Even better, if another one of his kind lands on the reels they also expand, and another spin is taken. This can keep this up for a maximum of three total re-spins, after which their little arms need a rest.

We don’t know how exactly the leprechauns keep the Slots O'Gold pots stocked, but we aren’t complaining!