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Osallistu toimintaan ja pelaa liverulettia Betfairin livekasinolla

Introduction to Live Roulette at Betfair Casino

Enjoy the unique thrill of Live Roulette online at Betfair Casino. As part of our exclusive Live Casino, you can play this timeless game with a friendly human dealer wherever you are and at any time.

Our Live Roulette games use the latest streaming technology to bring all the action straight to your screen. Immerse yourself in an exciting live casino setting where the dealer spins a physical roulette wheel in front of your eyes.

We offer an impressive selection of casino Live Roulette versions and promotions, with themes to satisfy newcomers and experienced players. This is just one part of our hugely popular casino, so you can switch to games like computer-generated roulette, blackjack, and slots when you fancy a change of pace.

Playing Live Roulette

Whether you’re a seasoned player or you have never bet on roulette before, our live games are designed to be intuitive.

Just as in land-based or digital versions of the game, you choose the size of the chip and put it on the bet you want to make. Classic options include betting on red or black, or you might want to plump for an odd or even number. Alternatively, you could bet on a single number.

The Difference Between Live Roulette and Other Types of Roulette

There are various ways to play live online roulette, but what sets the versions apart? You could say that it gives you the best of both worlds, as you get an authentic casino atmosphere with the convenience of playing with your slippers on.

Computer-generated versions have revolutionised roulette by moving it online, but live dealer games take the concept a step further. It is like having your own casino at home!

Play live roulette on your mobile phone, PC, laptop or tablet. We offer a wide range of betting limits to suit everyone from newcomers looking for some fun to high rollers with serious strategies.

At the heart of our online Live Roulette is the simple, absorbing gameplay that has made this game popular for centuries. We then cranked up the fun by making it fully immersive with themes that grab your attention.

Randomly generated results make this a completely fair and safe way to play Live Roulette in the UK. Most importantly, it is tremendous fun and allows anyone to start enjoying the unique appeal of roulette.

Live Roulette Guide: Rules and Strategies

Are you keen to sample the delights of the Live Roulette table? If so, you will be pleased to see that getting started is easy.

  1. Your first step is to set up a Betfair account.
  2. Look for a game in our lobby and click. You are now ready to choose your stake. For the beginners out there, there are some universal live roulette tips, starting with the types of bet.

Inside and outside bets refer to a location on the table.

  • Inside bets are more difficult to win but offer a higher payout. You are wagering on a single number or small selection of numbers.
  • Outside bets have a greater possibility of coming up, so the return is lower. You can place chips on more than one bet on each game.

The type of bet you place depends upon the Live Roulette strategy you follow and what your instincts tell you. Will you be bold and put money on a single number or play it safer by covering the table?

Either way, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel. Once the ball comes to rest any wins will be automatically paid and you can bet another on the next spin.

Winning and Payouts

There are few feelings like the excitement of the ball landing in a number you predicted. In this case, the dealer awards you a win, and your account is automatically credited, according to these Live Roulette odds.

  • Straight up: where you place your chip on a single number. You win 35:1.
  • Split Bet: two numbers next to each other on the Live Roulette wheel. This pays 17 to 1.
  • Street Bet: bet on three numbers and win at 11:1.
  • Corner Bet: this live betting roulette wager covers four numbers and pays 8 to 1.
  • Five Bet: only found on American variants and covers five numbers. The Live Roulette payout is 6:1.
  • Even Money Bets: pay at 1:1 and include red, black, high, low, odd, and even.
  • Dozens / Column: cover a third of the numbers, with a 2 to 1 prize.

Live Roulette for Real Money

You may decide to trial Live Roulette for free, before making the switch to real money. Either way, it’s important to your fun that you choose the right game for you!

Choosing the right game is vital, and the following are some of our favourite live dealer roulette titles we think you will enjoy.

  • Live Quantum Roulette. This classy version of the game has the bonus of multipliers added randomly to wins on straight-up numbers. Start playing from 0.10 credits and win up to 500x.
  • Live Prestige Roulette. Settle back and enjoy Live Roulette online for real money with this thrilling game from Playtech. The setting for an intimate, sophisticated casino experience.
  • Live Football Roulette. Kick-off your roulette playing with this clever combination of two great games. While you place your bets, you can check out the latest football scores and news.
  • Live Roulette Lobby. This is where you will find all our great Live Roulette games in one place. Just choose a game and you will be transported directly there.
  • Live Spread Bet Roulette. Two wheels going in opposite directions make this roulette version doubly interesting. Both winning numbers are added to give wins that reach 400:1.
  • Live Quantum Auto Roulette. Multipliers are randomly added to straight-up number wins in this fast-moving online roulette real money game.
  • Betfair Live Turbo Roulette. Rev up your day with a fast and furious game of roulette. This speedy version is perfect if you are in a hurry.
  • Betfair Live Roulette. Whether you want a classic version of this timeless casino game or something innovative, you will find exactly what you are after at Betfair.

Safer Gambling & Gaming

Enjoy roulette without any worries at Betfair. We provide a safe, highly regulated playing environment and promote safer gambling. Only players over the legal minimum age of 18 are permitted.

Every roulette game on the site is trustworthy and fair, as they have been rigorously tested to ensure random results on every single spin.

Start Playing Live Roulette

With so many incredible games, now is the time to try Live Roulette at Betfair. You will soon be caught up in the intense emotions that this thrilling game produces.

Live Roulette FAQs

How do you play Live Roulette online?

A human dealer controls the game, with the action live-streamed onto your screen. Place your bets as normal and watch as the wheel spins around.

How does Live Roulette work?

The same bets and gameplay from classic roulette have been carried out to this modern alternative. You aim to predict what number the ball will land on.

How does Live Roulette betting work?

Choose a stake and place it on a bet. A wide range of bets is available, from a straight-up bet covering a single number to even money options with 18 numbers. Each type of bet has a payout rate listed.

How to win on roulette live?

Correctly guess where the ball will land, and you win. You can increase your chances by placing chips on more than one bet.

Can I play Live Roulette online for real money in the UK?

Yes, you can stake real money, giving you the chance to earn cash wins.

Can I just play Live Roulette online for fun?

Yes, play Live Roulette just for fun if you want to. Use dummy cash to place your bets and experience the excitement without using your own money.

What is the best Live Roulette?

We offer a wide selection of these games, allowing you to choose the version that most appeals to you. Take a look at some of the games we have listed, to discover which ones are right for you.

How to pick Live Roulette games?

Look for a game that suits your personality, whether it is a turbo-charged game, or something unique and innovative.

Can I trust roulette on the internet?

Yes, provided that you choose a reputable casino like Betfair. Our games come from the industry’s top developers and give you a fair, reliable experience where success depends purely upon luck and strategy.

Is Betfair Live Roulette rigged?

No, we only offer completely fair games that have been extensively tested to prove that they produce randomly-generated results all the time.

What is the role of the live dealer?

The live dealer on our roulette games is there to spin the wheel and control the game. In some versions, they can interact with players and provide a friendly experience.

Is there a minimum betting limit?

Each Live Roulette game has a minimum and maximum betting limits listed. Most of them can be played with modest stakes.