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Around the World

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You stumble as you dash down the rickety wooden dock. Not far behind, a gang of men bearing machetes and shouting in an unknown language chases after you. Your pace quickens as your tiny but powerful speedboat comes into sight, and before you know it, you’re on it in one swift leap.  You quickly unfasten the rope and the engine roars to life as you motor away, leaving the enraged men pounding on the dock behind you.  Glancing back, you see the lush green of the tropical jungle fade into the distance.  You check your bag.  It’s there.

You soon find yourself seated at a round table in an opulent ballroom surrounded by confident men in elegant tuxedos and alluring women in slinky dresses. Your chips are stacked high and you take a breath before casually shoving them towards the centre of the table. A quiet hush falls on the crowd. All eyes are on you. You are in your element.

Around the World Game Info:


Around the World is an easy yet exciting arcade game.  The rules are simple, making the game perfect for those looking to have some fun, but not interested in concerning themselves with confusing rules and complicated gameplay. Accurately predicting whether the next number will be higher or lower is all it takes!

How to Play

The player begins by selecting how much they would like to wager and clicking Start, which makes the wheel spin wildly before screeching to a halt.  At this point the player must guess whether the following number will be higher or lower.

If the player guesses correctly, their reward is being able to proceed to the next level.  After proceeding six more spaces, the player moves on to the next level and the payouts increase as the player progresses further in the game. 

If the player guesses incorrectly, they will receive a strike.  If the player guesses incorrectly again, they will receive another strike, at which point the player loses and the game will be terminated. Remember: one strike and you’re out!

Fortunately, if the player receives a first strike, but is able to continue and complete that level, the strike is removed and the player is free to start the following level with a clean slate!  Furthermore, if the player does not have a single strike once they have finished a level, the player is rewarded with a multiplier that is added to their bet.  The player receives a 2.5x multiplier once they have completed level one, a 3x multiplier for finishing level two, and a 3.5x multiplier for completing levels three and four.

At the beginning of each new level the player is given the choice of cashing out all the money they have accrued throughout the game or continuing in hopes of greater winnings. If the player is able to complete level four, the game comes to an end and the player is automatically paid.

To add a little more excitement, the wheel occasionally will stop on Special Event instead of a number. Remove Strike gets rid of a strike. Advance One Step sends the player one step forward for free, after which the player is able to predict the next number based on the previous number. Lastly, Advance One Level, the luckiest of all, sends the player to the end of the current level.                      

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