Jigar just won £2,255 playing Exclusive Roulette
Stephen just won £2,725 playing Live Roulette
Rakesh just won £2,192 playing Live Roulette
andrew just won £1,678 playing Live Roulette
John just won £1,932 playing Live Roulette
Ed just won £3,310 playing Live Blackjack
Jack just won £3,530 playing King Kong
Neil just won £3,140 playing European Roulette
Brett just won £2,014 playing Exclusive Roulette
Thomas just won £2,257 playing European Roulette
Paul just won £8,868 playing Club Roulette
Jack just won £5,958 playing Blackjack
Nick just won £2,595 playing Blackjack
Michael just won £1,667 playing Iron Man 2
Daniel just won £10,000 playing Blackjack Surrender
craig just won £2,138 playing European Roulette
John just won £4,702 playing Blackjack
Oliver just won £1,828 playing Blackjack Surrender
Vishal just won £4,040 playing Blackjack
Songo just won £3,450 playing Darts
Neil just won £1,802 playing Live Roulette
Mark just won £3,534 playing 3D Roulette
Carol just won £12,960 playing Party Line
Michael just won £2,166 playing Blade
Chris just won £3,629 playing The Incredible Hulk - 50 lines
Joseph just won £5,880 playing Football Girls
Chris just won £3,728 playing Live Roulette
Maria just won £21,790 playing Tennis Stars
Ed just won £1,750 playing Live Blackjack
Kestutis just won £4,492 playing European Roulette
Michael just won £2,793 playing Football Rules
Mohamed just won £1,939 playing Live Roulette
Jack just won £2,559 playing Pick'em Blackjack
Joseph just won £1,720 playing European Roulette
Varun just won £1,717 playing Blackjack
Maria just won £4,174 playing X-Men
John just won £5,200 playing Premium Roulette Pro
Ed just won £2,002 playing Live Roulette
John just won £2,479 playing Live Roulette
Paul just won £2,895 playing Club Roulette
Stefan just won £3,441 playing European Roulette
Stephen just won £1,945 playing European Roulette
Nick just won £2,032 playing Blackjack
keith just won £3,002 playing Premium European Roulette
Edan just won £5,400 playing European Roulette
Rickard just won £4,517 playing Exclusive Roulette
Gregory just won £1,750 playing 4-Line Aces and Faces
John just won £2,010 playing Exclusive Roulette
Chris just won £1,688 playing Live Roulette
Romanenko just won £1,781 playing Live Blackjack
neil just won £3,857 playing Live Roulette
Nick just won £1,660 playing Blackjack
Antanos just won £3,105 playing Casino Hold'Em
Denis just won £5,008 playing European Roulette
John just won £21,537 playing Premium European Roulette
Varun just won £2,075 playing Blackjack
WARREN just won £1,750 playing Premium French Roulette
Melissa just won £7,100 playing Halloween Fortune
James just won £2,130 playing Love Match Scratch
Robert just won £1,850 playing Live Roulette
Vishal just won £9,172 playing Blackjack
Rakesh just won £2,798 playing Live Roulette
Romanenko just won £3,595 playing Live Blackjack
Robert just won £9,580 playing Live Roulette
RICHARD just won £4,376 playing Premium European Roulette
Chris just won £1,705 playing Fantastic Four
Paul just won £2,653 playing Blackjack
Shalinder just won £2,380 playing European Roulette
Michael just won £1,689 playing Blackjack
Mark just won £1,744 playing European Roulette
Tony just won £2,044 playing European Roulette
Daniel just won £2,804 playing Premium European Roulette
andrew just won £2,207 playing Live Roulette
craig just won £1,773 playing European Roulette
Gilad just won £10,711 playing Premium European Roulette
Chinanarayana P just won £3,105 playing European Roulette
Ian just won £2,252 playing Vacation Station
Mark just won £1,706 playing Blackjack
Richard just won £1,788 playing Exclusive Roulette
Saadi just won £1,832 playing Exclusive Roulette
colin just won £2,347 playing Blackjack
carl just won £3,098 playing European Roulette
Andre just won £3,345 playing Thor - The Mighty Avengers
Karen just won £3,827 playing Live Roulette
STUART just won £2,054 playing European Roulette
CHEE KOON just won £1,960 playing Blackjack
Chris just won £2,001 playing Iron Man 2
Leighton just won £4,220 playing Live Roulette
Pierre just won £5,798 playing The Avengers
Mohamed just won £4,225 playing Exclusive Roulette
Mark just won £1,872 playing Thor - The Mighty Avengers
Steve just won £2,305 playing Premium European Roulette
Ralf just won £5,332 playing Gladiator
David just won £1,767 playing Blackjack

New Games

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  • Progressive Blackjack
    Progressive Blackjack Jackpots: £ 86,268.62
  • Cinerama
    Cinerama Jackpots: £ 40,606.03
  • Wall St. Fever
    Wall St. Fever Jackpots: £ 37,984.12
  • Megaball
    Megaball Jackpots: £ 28,938.01
  • 10-Line Jacks or Better
    10-Line Jacks or Better Jackpots: £ 5,347.94

Biggest winnings

  • Britain's Got Talent
    Britain's Got Talent Biggest winnings: £ 6,599
  • Fortune Hill
    Fortune Hill Biggest winnings: £ 6,554
  • 3D Roulette
    3D Roulette Biggest winnings: £ 6,161
  • Spiderman
    Spiderman Biggest winnings: £ 6,063
  • Iron Man 2
    Iron Man 2 Biggest winnings: £ 5,987

No of Spins

  • Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven
    Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven No of Spins: 433,142
  • European Roulette
    European Roulette No of Spins: 265,136
  • Great Blue
    Great Blue No of Spins: 236,163
  • Jacks or Better
    Jacks or Better No of Spins: 170,461
  • Live Roulette
    Live Roulette No of Spins: 138,098